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Turkish delight, which is an indispensable part of Turkish coffee, is derived from the word lokma and means "full". Turkish Delight is an indispensable dessert of Anatolia; At the same time, it has become a traditional symbol that brings to mind the history of Turkish culture and leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth while doing this. Although it has been known since the 15th century, it became common in the Ottoman Empire, especially in the 17th century. In Europe, it started to be known as “Turkish Delight” by an English traveler in the 18th century. First made with molasses, honey and flour trio, Turkish delight began to be sweetened with refined sugar in the 17th century. Later, Turkish delight was diversified to appeal to every taste with its contents and decorated our treats with its taste and visuality.

What are Turkish Delight Types?

Turkish delight, which is indispensable for a sip of coffee and a sweet conversation from past to present, also provides many benefits . It also promises support in preventing tonsillitis, energizing and healing wounds .

Plain Turkish delight, which has become an ageless flavor for centuries with its consistency that melts on the palate, has gone down in history as the indispensable dessert of our culture. Rose Turkish delight, which has a mystical atmosphere, is pleasant and delicious enough to enchant with its smell. Bird's delight, which is indispensable for fruit lovers, is flavored with the aromas of various fruits, and a more unique flavor is obtained with the coconut it contains. In addition to these, it is useful to give the mixed hazelnut Turkish delight, where hazelnut and Turkish delight meet, a chance. Among Turkish delight varieties , double roasted pistachio delight is among the most preferred delights with its unique flavor. Chocolate filled Turkish delight varieties are also available for those looking for a different taste in Turkish delight. If you want to taste the chocolate-covered Turkish delights, you can taste orange, fig, strawberry, You can choose the flavor that suits your taste from the Turkish delights with cream. However, you can consider jelly Turkish delight options so that your children can have a delicious snack. If you want to give a chance to the timeless taste of double roasted plain Turkish delight, we say from the beginning that you will not regret it.

types of Turkish delight , which you can choose according to your demand, from our Sultan Ahmet branch.

What are the Features of Turkish Delight?

Turkish delight is a high-calorie food, it is a healthy food when consumed in moderation. Starch and sugar in its content is almost an energy store. The Turkish delights that we produce with quality materials are not only nutritious but also make one feel happy and energetic. Delight, as it contains carbohydrates, burns very quickly in the body after consumption. By accelerating metabolism, it can prevent weight gain when consumed correctly. One of the benefits of Turkish delight, which is indispensable for Turkish tables, is that it can heal wounds. It can heal wounds in a short time with its various properties. It has also been used frequently in the past and today to treat boils, which is a skin disease.

How Much Are Turkish Delight Prices?

Lokum brands offer Turkish delight in many different flavors to the market. Turkish delights with different flavors and contents appeal to different tastes. Prices of options such as Turkish delight with nuts or fruits may differ due to their content.

All Turkish delight varieties are priced according to their weight and taste. You can choose the flavor that suits your needs and taste. Whatever type you choose, we claim that it will make your holidays and similar treats more enjoyable. You can get the taste you need with the quality of Hafız Suat Turkish Delights.

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